Home sick

Hi people.
I have not been particularly good at updating my blog this past year. Too much to do at work an not many interesting updates :)

However, every now and then, I feel the big urge to write a bit again and hopefully I’ll find time soon within work and certification studies.

Right now we are approaching the end of winter and I dream about being able to spend next winter in Costa Rica. That would be awesome.

Not that this winter has been bad in any ways. It has been a very good winter and I have even tried skiing for the first time in 19 years. I’ll write about that in a different post :)

It’s just that I miss my family, I miss my friends and I just really want to see them all again.



I’ll try to check in soon again :)


Kevin Hart visiting Oslo Spektrum

I had the most amazing time tonight attending Kevin Hart’s new show “What now?”

First my friend Linda and I went to have dinner at Dinner restaurant in Oslo. A very nice Asian restaurant that serves it food HOT. Food was great and so was the company.

Approaching the arena and the time of the show we realized how popular this show was as the queues to enter were long. Thankfully we had pre-bought, pre-picked-up tickets and did not have to waste time to do that. The arena was completely sold out which was great.

Inside there was a photo- / recording device-ban so no pictures from the show, but I did get these two after the show was over and we were told it was OK to take out cameras.

Show was awesome. The energy, the jokes and the humor of this guy. Amazing. I laughed so much tears were running and my stomach hurt. Haha.
Great. Very happy. Will Def try to get tickets next time he is around ;)



Watch “Rock’n’Roll Wolf” on YouTube

So, Christmas is all about traditions and the Rock’n’roll wolf is one of them.

Each year on the 23rd of December this show is sent on TV. Its part of the pre-christmas ritual :D

Sebstien Bruno Chocolatier course – How to make your own Halloween House

For my birthday I was given a chocolatier course and since today is Halloween we had to make our own Halloween Chocolate House :D It was great.


Intense concentration


We get to play with orange chocolate


And green chocolate


Final Result. 6 Participants and 6 Halloween houses


My house in my house

Paul Nicklen in Oslo

Paul Nicklen is a National Geographic photographer with a passion for the arctic that gave a nice presentation in Oslo today at the Oslo Concert Hall for National Geographic Live Scandinavia!

Paul grew up in the Canadian Arctic on Baffin Island with the Inuit and became a full time photographer in 1994 and published his first book in 1999.


Penguins shooting themselves out of the water with the help of releasing bubbles from their fur.


A Leopard seal feeding Paul with penguins


Penguins shooting out of the water


Spirit Bear in Canada


Canadian Spirit Bear..

More on Paul Nicklen on Wikipedia

It was a great speech and very nice to get out after 2 weeks of being sick…

First Sign of Spring

I went walking in the forest today and found this amazing blue flower. :D

Its spring. New life will be popping up everywhere ! :D yay


Finally found the perfect Christmas Tree !!!

Since my previous Christmas tree (I have a love for untraditional in this matter) died summer 2012 – I have searched for a new one… Today, 1.5 years later I finally found it!!!

So happy !