Packed and Ready to go to the USA and Canada

My tickets were bought in June and my suitcases are packed. I am quite exited today! After all, I will be visiting friends I haven’t seen in many years and be a guest in 2 big weddings during my trip.

First I will visit Meghan, whom I meet in Costa Rica in 1993. We attended the same school in Costa Rica while we were both exchange students in Liberia, which is located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Last I met Meghan was when she came to visit in Norway and we did a roadtrip with a common friend of ours around Norway in 2001. Meghan lives in St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota and I will spend 2 weeks there before I head over to Toronto, Canada.

In Toronto awaits my mom, my step dad and my younger sister Ingrid. There we will meet up with Dionne, who was an exchange student that lived in my family from August 1991 to July 1992, and Gregg, who lived in our neighbor city, and his host family from Norway plus his family from California and Dionne’s family both from Montreal / St. Lazare and the ones residing in Toronto for Dionne and Gregg’s wedding before I go home.

I am stoked about this trip. I should probably get some sleep so that I can be fit for the flight !


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