Oslo – New York – Minnesota – Minneapolis / St. Paul

After having packed the last bits and pieces, locked the doors and delivered the keys to my landlord so that Jorunn can pick up the cats  I took the bus that would take me to the stop where I could change bus to get to the airport..

I was quite early. As much as 3 hours prior to departure, but that proved to be very convenient as the airport had quite a few additional security routines they had to go through before I was allowed to check in.
They wanted to know everything from what do you have in your luggage? have you packed it all yourself? Are you bringing something with you for someone?

Once checked in and through the security control I headed straight to the duty free stores. I bought lots of chocolate to bring as gifts :D as well as a new perfume for myself and cigarettes for one of my friends.

Finally I also found a wedding gift to Dionne and Gregg. A black and gold rose painted wooden plate from Glassmagasinet. One might debate that this is quite last minute, but better late than never! I also picked up charging adapters to charge my cell in the US as we don’t use the same system in Europe as they do in the US.

I had my lunch at Pizza Hut and then I headed straight for the gate. Believe you me, more security questions, but apparently I was on my good behavior – they let me pass here too.

I was lucky enough to get a window seat and 2 nice guys for company. They were with 3 other friends on their way to Las Vegas for a poker / casino holiday. Damn, what a waste of money! Each their own, huh?

The flight went quite well. No turbulence and they showed 3 movies. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was the only one I paid attention to and I liked it quite a lot as well. I finished reading my book within the first hour and then when we flew over Iceland I took a few nice pictures of the glaciers over iceland and Greenland.


In New York we had to go through new security controls and there my chair buddies met up with the rest of their group. Despite all the stuff I was carrying nothing stopped me from shopping even more at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. I bought a perfume (stoked by Bethany Hamilton) and a shell necklace before I had to rush on to the gate for my next flight. Thankfully this flight was no longer than 2,5 hours and I was quite fascinated by the view of all the lakes on our way to Minnesota. We flew over Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior as the largest ones.

I even got a nice shot of Minneapolis / St. Paul as we flew down for landing.


Well down I was picked up by Meghan and her sister Rebecca. First I only saw Becca and I was wondering if Meghan had changed more than I could remember. Hehe. However Meghan was just looking for me at a different spot and soon we all had a happy reunion. I actually have met both of Meghan’s sisters before this as they flew down to visit her in Costa Rica in 1993 when we lived there.

We drove over to Meghan’s parents house where I would be staying (as Meghan’s apartment was full of boxes and suitcases as Josh is in the process of moving in).

Patricia had made us Hamburgers for dinner and I was directed to my room when the girls left. My holiday has started in a great way! I’m safe and sound where I am supposed to be and after a shower I’m so ready to sleep.


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