The Pine Tree Apple Orchard

Due to the jet lag and the time difference from Norway I woke up very early. Patricia was already awake and on her way to walk Coci, their beautiful labrador. I joined her for the walk and later on for a morning mass at St. Odelia Church. The priest gave a speech where he stressed that everyone was welcome and that we should all organize a huge party where everyone was invited.

After mass we went to Target for shopping. Target is a huge compartment store just like our own Smart Club in Norway. Once we were back home I slept for a few more hours before Becca, Meghan, Josh and 3 of their cousins came to pick me up for a trip to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard to spend the afternoon there.

We had apple cake and shopped in in the cafeteria before we had a walk around the apple orchard. They also had a huge corn field and a few pumpkin fields.

At the Pumpkin Field

People from far and near came to pick their pumpkins for Halloween :D

Josh and Meghan

Meghan, Becca, Rachel, Heather, Laura

Rachel, Heather, Laura, Becca, Meghan and Josh

Such a beautiful site sight.

We had a beautiful day at the orchard and the weather was lovely.

After a few hours we split. The cousins went home and the rest of us went back to Meghan’s parents house for dinner. Josh left for his parents house and Becca went to her mother in law’s house to meet up with her husband, Jeff, to go back to Brainerd where they live.

Meghan, Patricia and myself went for a nice walk around the small lake close to their house to walk the dog, Coci.
Then Meghan and I watched a move before she went back to her apartment again.

Bruce, Meghan’s dad, is in North Dakota hunting and will be back in a few days.


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