Wedding Preparations #1 Preparing the Giftboxes

Patricia had to work today so she drove me over to Meghan’s apartment after we had walked Coci. There Meghan and I spent a good time chatting before we went out for breakfast at Chipotle where I had a chicken Taco with Guacamole and BLACK BEANS. I just love black beans! After breakfast we stopped at Archivers to find paper to make the table place cards and the ribbons to decorate the giftboxes with. We also stopped briefly at Target, Walgrens and Anchors Paper Company to pick up some other stuff we needed for the gift wrapping.

Meghan and her sisters have made cookies shaped like an M and a J for all guests  and decorated them with blue sugar and today we were to gift wrap and decorate them for the wedding.

So our job was to cut the small personal greeting cards and put them in the boxes with the cookies.

Meghan cutting greetings to fit into the boxes.

cookiesNot only do they look good, they taste quite good as well !

We also rented a movie so that we could keep entertained during the working. The movie was great. We watched Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock and we had a few good laughs and work progressed just fine. We finished off in good time and then we watched Dr. Phil and the Oprah show as well, before Patricia picked me up.

Well at home we made dinner and then we walked the dog around the neighborhood. A lovely evening and a lovely day!

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