Mall of America

This morning I had another early wake up that came with a shower and an early morning walk with the dog. Then Patricia was kind enough to drive me to the Mall of America, which is one of the largest malls in the USA.

Minneapolis Skyline

Patricia let me off at the SEARS entrance.


So I started out there, but I quickly found my way down  to the lower floor where the Aquarium is located. I spent a good, nice long time walking around there looking at fish, sharks and turtles. I even got to witness the shark feeding before I stopped by the gift store on my way to see the rest of the Mall.

I spent 7 hours in total walking around in the Mall. It took me 6 hours to go through all 3 floors, including SEARS, NORDSTROM & MACY’s which are small malls of their own (hihihihi). I even found a perfume my mom loves and has wished for for a long time, so I picked that up for her for christmas. The Mall has so many interesting stores and things to do. As if the Aquarium isn’t enough, they even have their own Amusement park located at the heart of the Mall:


As if that wasn’t enough, The Mall has several Movie Theatres, Hotels, Exhibithions; Like the Dinosaur Walk exhibition.


And of course loads of Restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops. And I found my new favorite SIN: Cinnabon, the bestest and lushest Cinnamon Rolls in the world. I swear, you gain 3 kgs just from looking at them, but they are soooo good. If it wasn’t for me actually walking for 5-6 hours a day I wouldn’t dare to eat them! :D

Patricia picked me up at 6:30 outside SEARS and we went home to have dinner. Bruce had come home from his hunting trip with two Pheasants he had shot, so I finally got to meet him too.

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