Wedding Preparations #2 Buying Flowers – Wrapping gift boxes

This morning Patricia and I met Meghan and her sister Adrienne at this really, really huge flower store. It was kind of a storage house where the flowers are stored before they are shipped off to the florists.

Our mission for the day was to select the flowers for the bridal bouquet and the decoration.

Meghan and Adrienne looking at flowers

Patricia, Adrienne and Meghan

From the flowershop Meghan and I went back to her place, but we made a quick stop to pick up lunch at Chipotle first. My new favorite is the Burrito Bowl.

The rest of that day Meghan and myself spent wrapping ribbons around the small giftboxes with the cookies for the wedding. Only 30 out of 200 weren’t finished because we ran out of ribbons.

At 5pm Bruce came over to pick me up and to fix Meghan’s window.

Meghan was a wee bit stressed out (her family nagged her quite a bit for behaving like a total Bridezilla) because the mens shirts arrived today and they were ivory yellow and not ivory white and with the brown dresses that would look like poop on pee, to use her own words. Hehehe.

After that Bruce and I went home, but we stopped by Adrienne and Adam’s house first. they were getting ready to watch LOST so we decided to split so that we could make it home in time before it started. That was quite exiting as these episodes don’t air for another 5-6 weeks at home.
We also an episode of CSI before everyone went to bed.

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