Shopping and Lunch at the Oakwood Grill

This morning Patricia and I met Meghan at the Rosedale Shopping in the Marshall Fields mens department to find new shirts to the men. Thankfully we found a new shirt for each one of them, but we had to pick up a few at the Marshall Fields store downtown Minneapolis. I liked that store! It was great! And they had sales everywhere!

Patricia, Meghan and myself met Josh for lunch at the Oakwood Grill. They had gorgeous food there. We were served some kind of puff-overs which were similar to, but not like to croissants. They were delicious. The butter is white in the USA, but they had mixed it with honey and that was interesting.

Lunch at with me, Patricia, Meghan and Josh

After lunch Patricia took me to the Mall of Rosedale where I got to spend a few hours shopping. I found a lot of cool t-shirts and a few new pants at Lane Bryant and a skirt at Marshall Fields.

Patricia picked me up and well at home we walked Coci around the neighborhood and then we watched movies for a few hours before we all went to bed.


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