Wedding Preparations #3 Bridal Bouquet and Rehearsal Dinner

This morning when I came down to the kitchen for breakfast the whole kitchen was filled with flowers. Adrienne had arrived and she and Meghan has started to make the flower decorations for the men’s suits.

Feathers, Roses, green berries, vaxflowers and lots of other stuff ended up in beautiful creations that would look awesome as decorations. When the fathers suit decorations were done, they started making the bouquets for the 2 grandmothers. My task was to decorate the envelope gift box with flowers.

flowers 03
Adrienne preparing bouquets

Midway through the decorations Meghan remembered something she had forgotten to finish off at work, hence she had to rush off to get that done.
Adrienne was very happy with my gift box bouquet, but it wasn’t just as the bride had imagined so we made a few adaptations and I was assigned to continue putting ribbons on the gift boxes that were left. I decided to take a nap after that.

Meghan’s mom came up to tell me not to pay attention to it since she was acting like a total Bridezilla. When I woke up it was time to dress up for the rehearsal dinner. Adrienne gave me a ride to the church and we stopped by her place for her to get to change clothes and pick up her husband Adam. Then we drove off to the St. Paul Cathedral where we met up with the rest of the family to go through all the ceremony before the big day.

Rehearsing the ceremony in the church.

Jeff and Becca in St. Pauls Cathedral.

After the rehearsal ceremony we all moved over to a Restaurant called Bonfire located on Grand Avenue. Here we were served a lovely meal.

We started off with a Ceasar or House Salad

Followed by either one of the main courses:
Herbed Rubbed Prime Rib
Beer Can Mesquite Chicken
Axels’s Pan Fried Walleye
Capellini Pomodori
Bonfire Chicken or Burger
Three Sausages Pizza

And dessert. It was a lovely meal with the families on both sides present and we had a very nice time!

Josh and Meghan

Becca and myself – See I fit straight into the family. It must be the Norwegian genes the Orud’s have :D

Everyone having a great time


We were back home well before midnight and all in all this was another very nice day :D Tomorrow is the big day!


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