Meghan and Josh – Wedding day

Today was the Big day of Meghan and Josh’s wedding.

The first thing we did was to pack all our things and then rebecca and myself headed over to Meghan and Josh’s apartment. The Hairdresser had already started dry blowing Meghan’s hair and setting it up. Patricia, Adrienne and Josh’s mom, Cheryl, and his sister, Meghan came a bit later.

Meghan getting her hair done

The rest of us had breakfast (that Cheryl and Meghan 2 had brought), were putting on makeup, curling hair, spraying, putting on nail polish, chattering, laughing and dressing and having a very nice time. Adrienne curled my hair so that it looked really pretty and then we had a photo session with Meghan in the bridal gown.

Mom giving loving advices

Meghan getting ready

We left for the Church where we prepared for the last finish. Becka and myself had to stop by Target to buy nylons and a few cookies that we could all share.

Everyone had met up in good time and we had such a lovely weather. It was a bit chilly and windy, but the sun was shining and not a cloud in sight.

When we arrived to the Church we were directed downstairs to a dressing / preparations room where we could all leave our luggage and finish up the last of the preparations. All the 3 sisters were dressed the same in light blue dresses á lá the 1920’s and they looked really pretty. I was wearing a dress I had spent quite a bit of time before leaving Norway to make myself.  I am quite happy with the result.

Me in my home made dress.

When we were all set we went upstairs to the church where we seated and we were ready to go. I sat with the family and while the wedding was for family and friends only, St. Pauls Cathedral is one of the largest tourist attractions in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area and they don’t close down the church for even if a private wedding is taking place in the Church so we had tourists walking around and taking pictures of the Bridal procession as Meghan was escorted up the Isle by her Dad Bruce.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul, St. Paul Minnesota

Daddy giving his daughter away

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional and both Meghan and Josh looked so happy. Both the mothers read each their verses from the Bible before Meghan and Josh exchanged vows and received their blessings, exchanged rings and lit the unity candle.

I do!

At the end of the ceremony the Mr. and Mrs. Drivdahl were blessed and dismissed and to Händel’s The Rejoicing they walked down the isle as husband and wife.

After the ceremony they stopped to form the receiving line together with their parents in the back of the church. Once everyone were outside refreshments were served at the steps of the Cathedral.

The Bridal company

The Newlyweds with the Grooms Family

The Newlyweds with the Brides Family

Meghan and Josh had to leave us at the church steps for the official Bride and Groom photography session and the rest of us stayed behind until it was time to go to the Minneapolis Club where the reception was held.

Dinner. Note the small table cards. Handmade by the Bride and yours truly.
??, Ken, Cheryl, ? Bruce, Patricia and Jeff.

After dinner the Red Rock Swing Band played up for dance and the party was on.

wedding11The first dance as Husband and Wife

Then the newlyweds had their first dance as husband and wife before they danced with the parents and then invited the rest of the group to come along.

We had a lot of fun throughout the night and I spent a lot of time talking with Reeccas mother-in-law and I had a good time dancing as well although I did realized that the swing I learned back in Norway is quite different from what is danced here in the US. I don’t even know what sort of dance style this was, but who cares. It was fun and I had a really good time until it was time to call it a night and we all went home to sleep.

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