Wedding Gift Shower and getting to know the US part of my Family

This morning we all started out with an early breakfast and then we went to the Church of St. Genvieve to attend mass there.

After mass we had invited to Brunch at Patricia and Bruce’s house and everyone from both Josh and Meghan’s closest families were invited.

In Norway it is common that during the wedding someone other than the newlyweds open up all the gifts and display all the nice things the newlyweds have received for all the attendants to the wedding party.
Here the gifts are opened up by the newlyweds themselves the day after the wedding. I really like this tradition. Why on earth should anyone else than the recipients of the gifts get the pleasure of opening them up???
If I ever get married I will definitively open my own gifts !

The newlyweds relaxing

For Brunch we had lovely fruit, rolls, cheese and lots of other delicious food. It was a quiet nice family Brunch and everyone had a nice time.


Enjoying good company over Brunch

After Brunch it was Christmas eve for Meghan and Josh and they were finally allowed to open up all the gifts they had received for their wedding.

The big amount of Gifts

The newlyweds opening up gifts

They received so many nice things ! After the gift opening Meghan and Josh had to leave to go home and pack for their honeymoon. The rest of the family split up as well and Patricia drove me to the Rosedale Center where I went shopping. I had arranged to meet up with Twila, who is my mothers fourth cousin and she lives just about 1 hour away from my friends the Orud’s.

Twila came to pick me up at 7pm and then we drove to their house in Shakopee. There we made dinner together with the kids, Ian and Madeline, and her husband Gregg.

Gregg, Madeline and Twila

We had a very nice time and they had a very nice house. They also had a few really cool souvenirs from holidays down in the Caribbean.

We talked and got to know each other and watched movies until bed time and had a very good time.

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