Pogo Pops in Concert

My friend Hilde loves Pogo Pops and when she suggested we go to the concert today I was in right away. I was never a fan of the group and must admit that I really didn’t know too much about their music, but I must say that the concert was awesome.

The group really delivered an outstanding concert. The music was great, the performance was great and they have just released a new album “Pogo Pops – The very best of”.

Some small facts about the band:
Pogo Pops is a pop rock band from Bergen, Norway, established in 1987 under the name of The Doomsville Boys.
The Doomsville Boys were a trio and released an EP in 1989 containing 6 songs. The band changed name to Pogo Pops in 1990 after Domenic O`Fahey joined. Pogo Pops is often considered the band that defined the Bergen Wave, followed by artists like Kings of Convenience and Röyksopp.
Led by Frank Hammersland, the band released four albums in the 1990s, all of them dominated by Hammersland’s melodious pop rock. The band was well received by the critics, but only attained moderate commercial success, and Hammersland dissolved the band in 1996. Hammersland released a solo album which was also very well received by critics but didn’t sell very well, before he started the band Popium with several musician friends from Bergen. Popium continued the pop rock style of Pogo Pops.

Pictures from the concert:

Concert Reviews

Pogo Pops on the web


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