Packing for 2 months away !

I’m at home sick with a throath infection, serious coughing and a fever and my big Costa Rica trip is just ONE week away !!. Man, I’m kinda worried I’m not going to get well before I travel. It’s already lasted for a week with no signs of getting better. So I’m sitting here. Updating blog and eating honey. And blogging.

Well. For those of you who hasn’t recieved all my latest news, This last year has been a blast of way too much working, thinking and deciding. It ended up with me resigning from my old job and ordering a ticket to Costa Rica. I’m leaving December 4 and having a 22 hour flight scale in New York where I actually get to meet up with an old friend of mine from Panamá, Alexis, whom I have not met for 10 years.

Dec. 5 I’m back on the plane again and I have a short plane change in Houston, TX, before arriving Costa Rica at 7:40pm.

I’m so much looking fwd for that !!! 2 months of summer. In the middle of winter. And winter doesn’t even seem that hard in Norway this year. In the end of November we have +10C and windy and it has been raining for weeks. We’ve had some snow a couple of weeks back, before the rain started, but it was all wet and only stayed for 3 days.

I’ll go back to packing suitcases and watching TV.  Continental allows me to check in 2 bags of 23 kgs and the carry-on can be 18kgs ! Luxury!!
However my suitcases are almost full already and I haven’t even started packing the gifts or shoes or …. OK.. Some repacking must be done.
Especially since someone wants to join me travelling:

Have fun guys, while I repack ( again…).


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