Still sick. I need to get well soon

Someone wants to change their throat with mine? I really need a new throath. I need a voice. haha. Anyone of you who have actually heard me speak these last days will deny me your throat, and I do understand. I’m just sick of it. Every day I’m sick I miss out on my last days at work with my collegues, but my cats are happy for the company at home though.

I am actually getting a bit anxious to finish up the christmas gift shopping as well. I am short on just 4 gifts I think. My sisters, My best friend and family and hmm.. maybe thats all?
I do need to finish up some of the CR gifts though. Need souvenirs still, but beeing home sick doesn’t actually get these matters done. Well, I do have the time for updating my home page now. :)

Did I tell you I got a new TV. Man, I’m so happy. Thanks to Ornella and Asbjørn that got themselves a new widescreen TV !!!

Well, I should go do my dishes before sleeping again.


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