Saying goodbye…

Yesterday and today has been the big “goodbye” – days.

At work I had my last day (remember I wrote earlier I quit) and it was pretty sad knowing I am not going to work with my old collegues again. They have all been so nice to me and I will miss them a lot.
And there has been a lot of goodbyes among my friends as well. Time flies and my journey is getting close. Only 3 more days and Ill be gone for 3 months !!!

EEEEEK! That means I have to figure out how I’m gonna fit all my stuff in the suitcase. That is still a mystery to me.

Apart from that. Good news. My voice is back !

Almost. I am drinking a lot of tea made of grated ginger, dark honey and vitamin C. It definatly does it for my voice. Still not 100% well, but hope I’ll be ok by monday. Closing up. Looking so fwd for SUN and summer.

Have it dudes! hehe.


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