Closing in on departure !!!

Weee. Only 2 more days and I’m off.
Still a lot to pack. But getting there. I have had the big excluding day today. Taking all out of the suitcases and excluding everything I can’t bring. Haha. I’ve packed 40 tops/t-shirts. But must narrow it down to 20 (eeek).

I’ve had friends stopping by all day, so the work on my home page is going slower than I had planned. But, not to worry. I posted the wonderful new page today “about me” with the short version of “my life up until now”.

Today I’m off to a party so I wont get that much done today either :) But at least I’ll have fun with friends :)
I am a little stressed out about not being finished with all the packing yet but hey. gotta get adjusted to the new timezone anyway so why not start early.

Later guys :)


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