Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You’re only a day away.

Annie was my favorite musical movie when I was a child. Therefore, no better opening line for the day before the day.

I am almost well again and that feels wonderful :) Still have som arrands to run, but my suitcases are all done. I actually think I have 3 kgs to go – wow. (Not that its gonna be any easier dragging 60 kgs around in New York anyway).

Yesterday we had a goodbye party and it was good. Really good.

I’m getting ready and it feels good. I’ve had a lot of phonecalls and visits. And of course I’ve cleaned up the apartment and fixed all that had to be fixed. Now the only thing that’s left is to get a good nights sleep :)
I’m off at 7:30am. Weee. :D

Oh I’m soo looking fwd for SUN and summer. :) It’s gonna be wonderful ! +30C. OOOOOhhh.
(I know – this is kinda mean !!! hehe)
C YA all and have a great day


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