Finally back home in Liberia Costa Rica again. And it’s summer!

sunny.gifIt is a beautiful sunny day with +30C (+90F) and I have been to the bank today and now internet and since weather prognoses are not at all that good for tomorrow I think Im gonna check out the world outside this internet cafe for the rest of this day :).

It is amazing to be back!

Yesterday was ONE LONG DAY, but it was amazing to meet Alexis again!

When I woke up this morning at 6:15 Alexis had already left and I showered and got ready to leave for the airport. I was picked up by the Super Shuttle airport express at 7:10. Nice. I love this kind of service. A shared cab where they pick you up at your house and drive you to the airport. Fantastic ! Not a bus but a cab service that you share with the others living in the same area as yourself so that the drive there wouldn’t be so expensive!

At the airport I met a really nice lady from Peru and amazingly enough it shows that we were seated next to each other on the plane. We had a long and interesting conversation at the airport and the flight before splitting in Houston, TX. Man, that is one big airport. I am impressed.

The flight to Costa Rica was nice, but very chilly and I am so glad for the vest I bought in NY. I would have frozen blue on the plane if it weren’t for that one.

Arriving in Costa Rica it was almost 8pm and it was soo warm and good. I was picked up by Mami, Papi and Natasha and we went home to have dinner. It was so good to see them all again.

After dinner I unpacked and found some of the gifts I had brought them. I organized my stuff in the closet and had good help of Natasha and mami :D (or at least company).

I was exhausted by the long journey and I went to bed quite early, but so did the rest of the house :D

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