The smell of green papaya in the morning..

partlycloudy.gifThe official weather channel reports sligthly cloudy, but sun has been shining all day and the clouds the spoke of we haven’t seen nothing of :) The temperatures were up in their good +30C today as well.
Really good. Feels fantastic.

Noone can underestimate a good nights sleep. hehe. A good 17 hours sleep! Meaning I woke up really late and wasted most of my morning.

Apparently I was tired, but I do feel a lot better now. I just have to get rid of the last rest of my cold first.
Then I am ready to conquest the world better as well. hehe.

It is really wonderful to be back and I just love the smell of the fruits from the garden. We have Papayas, Lime, Bananas, Mangos and several other fruits.

And not to talk only of the fruits, but the flowers and the colors… LOOOVE <3

However today they have some kind of a religous celebration where they fire up gunshots or small bombs every 3 hours. 2 shots a time. hehe. strange.

Liberia (my city) has changed a lot. There is so much more traffic and so many more tourists. I don’t concider myself a tourist though, since I lived here and I am just visiting the family and my friends.

It seems that the weekend is all set up for me and I have plans both friday night and saturday. Many of my friends has called me or shown up at my house to meet me. That is so nice of them. I am very exited to be here as well :)


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