My household and the members of my family

sunny.jpgAnother beautiful day with about +30C and sun. All the weather channels are predicting heavy rain (they have for a couple of days), but none to be seen (Thankfully). Sun from clear sky and mild winds (We are in the windy season after all). Nice because the winds keep the temperature very nice.

This is where I live:

In my household we are Mami, Papi, my brother Federico, The maid and myself.
Roxana, one of my sisters, is living closeby with Nati (my niese that came to meet me the first day at the airport) and my newest nephew (1 month old Luis Andres) that I have gotten to meet several times already.

Natasha, Roxanas oldest daughter, has spent 3 days with us. Nati thinks it is very fun to have “aunt Maria” visiting from Norway. She is especially fond of the milk chocolates i brought her :D
Mami works within real estate and is busy for the most of the day. Papi has a lot to do as well and Federico is off for most of the week to the beaches where he works as a fisherman.
The maid has just been with the family for 2 days. It feels kinda strange to watch someone beeing payed to work when you sit and watch, but very relaxing. I want a maid too. She is really nice though. She is from Nicaragua and has 2 kids at home.

The household also has 6 dogs and 3 cats. 2 of the dogs are chihuahuas and they were given to my family for free. What a difference from home where they cost more than a USD $1000 for one dog (and just the size of rats). I have met 2 of the dogs, Rambo and Manchis, when I was here 3 years ago. I think the cats like me, but Rambo is jealous and does not like me petting any other animal than him. hehe.

I also opened up a bank account today. I felt like a popstar signing autographs. So many papers to sign. Hehe. But people here are very nice and helpful so that is fun.


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