The Rotary party

partlycloudy.gifThe morning started off a bit cloudy, but very hot. For most of the day we had a fantastic sunshine and good +28C. Really nice day. But throughout the day we had a couple of rainfalls (no longer than 1-5 minutes each.We had 12h 16m of daylight today (in comparison to Norway that only had a maximum of 7 hour of daylight.

At 1 pm Natasha & I went downtown Liberia (about 10 minutes walk from my house) to view a horse parade to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate conception. This is a week-long celebration with a lot of fireworks and horse parades and of course the religious content.

Natasha was thrilled. She really loves horses and she was very dissapointed when we thought we arrived too late because Mami told us it would begin at Noon. Thankfully for us, it didn’t start until 2pm.

After the cavalcade we had lunch at Las Tinajas and then we did some shopping! 

Tia Flor (mamis sister) and Federicos girlfriend came in from San Jose today to join us for a Rotary fundraising party for the poor and elderly at mami and papis friends, Marta & Rene, house. The party started at 6pm and it was a garden party where more than 70 people showed up. It was a great party and I met many people I know there :D

Yehudy, Myself, Tia Flor, …, Papi Gilberto & Mami Mayra.

Papi and Mami

Tia Flor

The Hostess of the mostess, Doña Marta with papi and my cousin

The huge garden was decorated with christmas lights in every trees and tables set out everywhere and we had live music to entertain us so that people could dance. A very successful party !

At 11 pm the younger participants of the party left to party on downtown.

We met up with a couple of my brothers friends and it was really cool because I actually met some of my own friends as well like Oscar Mario (Sayoll) and a few others. Sayoll was out with his wife and it was a lot of fun meeting them.
We returned to the house at 5am :D


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