The Ice cream man

cloudy.gifAll cloudy today. 12h 16m of visible light. +28C. There was some rain in the morning but that passed early.

I went downtown to run some errands and after lunch I have pretty much been relaxing, reading my book: “Countdown” by Iris Johansen. She is one of my favorite writers. She mostly writes crime novels but she also has some other books that are really fetching. :)

As I were reading and the dogs were struggeling to get my attention and beeing petted – Suddenly out of nowhere – the sound of bells.
And like we have at home… There comes the ice-cream man – although not in a car, but on a bicycle coming towards our house. Our made, Johana and I ended up buying an ice cream cone for each of us. Yummy.

For dinner I went out with Angelica, one of my best friends from school, we chatted for hours and had bocas at bar/restaurant Julia in Barrio San Roque.


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