Rincon de la vieja National park

partlycloudy.gifWeather report: +30C, sunny and a few clouds. Really nice day.

Today started off with me coming with Angelica to her work at escuela Curubande.

It is a very poor school in a poor town and she works as a pre-school teatcher there.
The kids were soo cute.
We went through the morning prayers and some playing before she handed out the invitations to their graduation. Tomorrow the kids has been invited to a party arranged in Liberia by another school. I offered to pay for their passages since that small amount is 2 beers at home and the amount for them is big.
After school, when the kids went home, Angelica and I went to Rincon de la vieja National park.

The story of how the volcano got its name is as follows.
There is a charming legend that explains the origin of the name Rincon de la Vieja. The native princess, Curabanda, fell in love with Mixcoac, chief of a neighboring enemy tribe. When her father, Curabande, learned of the affair, he captured Mixcoac and threw him into the crater of the volcano. Curabanda went to live on the side of the volcano and gave birth to a child. To allow the child to be with his father, she threw him into the volcano too.
For the rest of her life, Curabanda lived near the crater and became a powerful healer. The people referred to her home as “Rincon de le Vieja,” meaning “the nook where the Old One lives.”

We got into a jungle trail in the national park and watched beautiful scenery as well as gorgeous morpheus butterflies and small lizards.

On our way back we stopped to watch hieroglyphs carved into the rocks of a river. Really nice and they looked so ancient. And what a shame that they are not better preserved.


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