La Seleccion

partlycloudy.gifBeautiful day. Nice climate and sunny. +30C and no wind.

I got up at 6 and had breakfast, helped mami wrap 27 christmas gifts for poor kids that are recieving help from the Rotary club. At 9:30 I wandered off, stopped by the nearest internetcafe to check e-mail and then went off to Hotel El Sitio. I stayed there swimming and reading for a couple of hours. Got a little sunburn and went home to sleep a couple of hours.
At the evening news they sent a big coverage about the national football team – La Seleccion – that had been at Hotel El Sitio at the same time I was there. I saw some of the guys, but luckily not the news team. Its gonna take a couple of weeks of walking in the sun before I am interested in ending up on the news in only a bikini again.
I watched movies and wrapped christmas gifts before going to bed. HOOOOOT.


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