Windy season?

partlycloudy.gifToday is another beautiful day, A little too hot. 12h 16m of visible light today. Its a good +28C out today but it feels sooo much hotter. Someone told me that it would be windy season now and we have hardly no wind at all. They have predicted that we should have lots of wind next week so lets hope for that. :) Need too cool down a little hehe.. 5 more minutes in this heat and you can find me in the fridge :)

I went to meet Janelle at her house today. Janelle now has 2 gorgeous kids: Fabrizio and Carolina. Carolina is only 2 years old but she has managed to overflow her kindergarden with water. She is a really funny child that runs around and seems to enjoy life a lot. Fabri seems a bit more serious but that might be very good. I am impressed by his intentions of starting to save for his car (the kid is only 5) already. Every week he puts off some of his money for saving.

I have also been running arrands today as well. Some shopping, we needed Papaya. Or…. I will not lie. I needed more papaya. I have already eaten 2 huge papayas since I got here and man are they good. hehe.. I also have Gallo Pinto and eggs each day for breakfast. The best part of it all is that the maid has it all ready for when the others get up and wants to eat. :)
I like her. We spent a lot of time chatting.


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