When it rains – it poors – before the sun shines like nothing happened…

partlycloudy.gifLast night it rained tremendous amounts of water and the sound of wather against the roof is soo calming. It was perfect temperatures for sleeping. In the morning we had some clouds but +31C and the sun came out during the day. It turned out to bee a really good day.

In the morning I had my breakfast at 6:15. Still keep waking up at 6am. Wish I could sleep until 7 at least. I did some laundry and read my book while Mami and Johana were decorating the christmas tree. At 9am I took off to the nearest Internet cafe to check if my salary got in and YES – GOD heard my prayers and I got a christmas bonus from work and went directly to the first travel agency I found. I spent like 2 hours there checking prices to find out what to do when here. I am definately going to Panama to visit Aida, Jeniffer and Yessenia. But still have to confirm the dates. I will try to go to Nicaragua as well… My only problem is I need someone to go there with. I am also checking out the possibilities for trips around the country. They will come up with a feedback on when there will be other groups I can tag along with. Lets just see what they find out. When I was done at the travel agency I got my nails done. Full manicure and pedicure – including painting and peeling and you name it. God it felt delicious !!!!
That took another hour and a half and by the time i was done with that I stopped by Palí (grocery store) to pick up some stuff to send home.
The afternoon I spent in the house chatting with Johana and Mami, visiting Karina and Diegos house and had a good chat with them. Karina was in Nicaragua but at least the mom, dad and Diego was around. And I got Pablitos number as well so I can get a hold of him :)

At 8pm my brother and I went to LIB with some of his friends. They wanted to see the soccer game “Alajuelense – Perez Zeledon” on big screen and it was quite fun. After the match the place had entertainment. – young ladies that danced – do not mistake for them to be strippers. They kept their clothes on all the time. We had good beer and the place got pretty packed after a while. When I got home I had an encounter with nature. The dogs were playing with a HUGE hairy spider. nice. haha.


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