La Finca

sunny.gifAnother fantastic day. +32C and no skies. Perfect for a field excurtion.

Mami, Papi & I have been too the Finca today. It took us more than 30 minutes to drive the 14 km that it takes to get there. Wow. Hehe.. The roads to get there felt more like a rollercoaster at an amusement park than a road. Really fun. hehe.

When we arrived at the farm lot we went to feed the cows first, then Papi went off to find the horses that he had not seen for a week. Mami and I went to check the fruit trees and almost no fruits at all. But – the achiote tree had fruits and we picked a bag of achiote so that mami can make achiote paste for me to take home :) We walked around with big wooden sticks to stirr in the grass with to find snakes before snakes found us. They have a lot of poisonous snakes in these areas – rattlers, fer de lance etc. – but luckily we saw none !!!!. (Just in case you should ever get bitten by a snake – try this link).

finca01.JPGWe did see a lot of butterflies, huge ants, lizards and grasshoppers. We did gather some plantains from the farm before we went home as well. They were all green and small but they taste good when mature so that is good.

We also found a branch with orchids on that we took home.
We got home in good time for lunch. Fish. The whole kitchen smelled of fried fish, but at least it tasted delicious.

After lunch I spent a couple of hours updating you guys and one of my friends that found out I was here stopped by as well. :)

Festival de la luz
All the family sat down in front of the TV and watched the spectacular Festival de la Luz parade. The name means The light festival. It is a week long festival of lights that is marked by lighting displays and concerts and fireworks after dark in the park.
There is also a show competition where there are competitors from all of central america and even Canada was represented. There are bands playing and doing drills and they have huge decorated cars with dancers and mythical figures.


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