Playa Panama and a Party

sunny.gif+30C and sunny. No skies at all almost all day. Ok, maybe some few skies but nothing to talk about. We have 12h 16m of visible light today. Some wind but not much.

playapanama.JPGMy brother had promised to take me to the beach this weekend, but as his car broke down he wasn’t able to. Then another friend of mine, Pablo Caesar, said I could go with him, but then family obligations made him have to cancel too.

However two of Mamis friends rescued my day and took me to beautiful Playa Panama and “Conde del mar Resort” where we had lunch. While the ladies had a long chat after lunch I spent the time swimming and walking on the beach. Water temperatures are definately around +27C. Deilicious. Around me small and big fish were jumping. Ok. a little further out. hehe. I brought my swimming glasses and kept looking at the smaller fish that was close to shore. I also did a long stroll by the beach, where the local kids I passed did everything they could to get my attention to take their pictures. hehe. Cute kids. They all think I am a gringa (north american for those who did not understand) and yelling to me in the few english words they can HELLO! HOW YOU DO?

amigosManuel.JPGAfter the beach I got kidnapped to a party. My friends saw me on my way home and did not even let me go home to take a shower, change clothes get fixed up for the night. hehe. :) The party was mighty good. Good beer, good music and I got to dance a lot :) weee.

It was a really nice party “Fiestas Patronales Barrio Los Angeles”. I got home by 11:30pm and Mami was waiting up for me to let me in. Of course, since I had not been home since mid-day I had not brought my keys with me. Mami was watching a movie and I sat down to watch it with her. I also gave her a reflexologic massage on her feet before I got myself to bed :) (and yes, i did shower first).


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