Rincon de la vieja – again

partlycloudy.gifAnother beautiful sunny day. There were some clouds over the volcano that comes with the winds from the atlantic. But we had sun, sun and +30C again. The night temperatures are about +25C for those of you who wonder.

Angelica picked me up at 6:45am and we went to pick up baguettes, water and cookies before taking off to her work at Curubande pre-school.
We thought the kids of Europe and made pigs out of bottles, you take a bottle and paint it with glue, cover it with toilet paper for a couple of layers and then you let it dry. Put on ears – egg carton and the snout – the top of the bottle. Then paint and put on eyes and tail.

After school hoursĀ Angelicas boss took us hiking in the Rincon de la vieja national park.

But there was one obstacle.
The national park was closed – always closed on mondays.
No problem. hehe.

We hiked off into a different trail on the farmland next to the national park and when no-one (read the guards) could see us, we took the jungle trail (eh… not known to anyone and not visible) into the park and after 15 minutes we got in on the park trail.

With no-one in the park but us we had a fantastic day by ourself and got to see a lot of fantastic nature. I have no idea of how many species of butterflies we saw, but Costa Rica hosts 1/5 of the butterfly population of the world. The beautiful Blue Morpho, a lot of yellow and orange ones. Even green butterflies.

We also saw Agoutis, Iguanas and a lot of smaller lizards.
This one posed willingly, not thinking any one of us would hurt it.

After the photo shoot he ran up into a tree and disappeared.

We also saw a lot of wonderful birds. The sound of rainforest is wonderful. It is amazing. Anyone should be able to experience it.

At Rincon de la vieja national park there is a lot of hot springs; boiling mud and or boiling water.
You can see them throughout the national park with fences around them to protect stupid tourists that wants to take pictures on the close run.

There is always someone that has to go closer and fall into them. All the hot springs holds temperatures of at least +75 to +106C degrees. The boiling water pots smell of sulfur and witness that this is a definately active volcano. It was fun to watch the mud being thrown almost 2 meters up in the air.

The sound and smell of the volcano is amazing, but at least it does not rumble like Volcan Arenal that has lava flowing out almost every day of the year.

During the afternoon I was so tired I slept for hours and with the day almost over I checked e-mails and updated blog before going to bed. Enjoy and take care folks.


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