Cell phone trouble..

cloudy.gifToday has been mostly cloudy but some sun has shown up inbetween all the clouds. Pretty nice actually. The sun burns hard around mid day. Although we had clouds, the temperatures stay around +30C. And finally it is windy !

At the travel agency
Today I bought my ticket to go to Panama. I will be going Jan. 3. I am looking great fwd to that. First i will be going to Panama City to stay there with Yessenia for a couple of days before moving on to Chitre to see Aida Elena. Ill stay there a week before moving further towards David and then heading towards San Jose the weekend of the 14th. I also got this tourist tour for thursday to Palo Verde national park. That will be wonderful. Concidering I have spent 4 hours at the travel agency already and gotten those 2 trips clared out – I am impressed. hehe.

At El ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad)
I also got my cell phone today. Hehe.. Yes I got the phone. BUT there is a big but, To open a line in Costa Rica there are so many troubles. I waited in line for 2 hours and then Papi had to sign a paper to open a line in his name. But then The electricity company had made an error and opened up a line for someone else in his name and they had not payed. So I have to wait till they clare that up before I get my line. So much trouble for so little – but soon my friends. I will get my phone line.


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