Palo Verde National Park

partlycloudy.gifNice weather, sunny (old news), +30C and some wind. Beautiful weather for a boat trip.

Today I have spent the day in Palo Verde National Park.
About Palo Verde
The area is comprised of both deciduous and evergreen tropical dry forest, brackish and fresh water wetlands, mangrove swamps, and the tidal estuarine ecosystem of the lower Tempisque River. This area provides an important wintering ground to migrant North American waterfowl.
The Palo Verde National Park of Costa Rica protects forested areas as well as an extensive marshland between the Tempisque and Bebedero rivers of Guanacaste. Palo Verde National Park is a diverse patchwork of habitats located in the heart of the Tempisque basin near the mouth of the Rio Tempisque River.

It has been a wonderful boat trip on El Bebedero River. We saw american Crocodiles (in CR we have crocodiles in the west and aligators in the east – no caimans), iguanas, bats, lots and lots of different herons and other bird species. We also saw both howler monkeys and cappuchin monkeys (whiteface).

One of the crocodiles even has a name: Tyson – after Mike Tyson. He is a fared croc since he 2 yeas ago had an 11 year old kid for dinner.
After a day in the sun I have really worked on my tan – I think I got a small sun burn on one of my knees. I must have not remembered to put on sun block there.

Read more about Palo Verde in these links:

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