CR north round-trip with Xinnia, Celia, Laureano and David.

partlycloudy.gifToday I started my day off by going to Canas witch is a city about 45 minutes from Liberia. I went to see Dona Xinnia that just came back from Norway 6 months ago, where she spent 3 years working as the embassador of Costa Rica in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. When arriving Canas I was greeted by her, her daughter Silvia, Laureano, David and German (grand children). Xinnia and Celia took me on a round-trip with Davida and Laureano. A round-trip all over the northern part of the country. It was a marvellous day with sun, rain, wind and more sun.
From Canas we went to Upala in the Alajuela province and stopped by a friend of Celia from when she studied in Russia.

From Upala we went toward Guatuso and on the way, in a place called Catira, we found this gorgeous garden with trees shaped like different figures like dinosaurs, kids, spiders etc. We entered the garden to enjoy the wonderful figures and the owner toured us around. A really nice man that had made all the figures himself – with a little help from the son.
Suddenly Dona Xinnia spots a huge tree with huge mandarines from witch she wonders if he could give us some. Of course.. We dont need them. If you want them you can take as many as you wants :) Then he sends his son up into the tree :)
Honestly I could not care less about the mandarines hehe.. I wanted to ask if he would give me his son instead. He was gorgeous. Nicest smile around.

From their place we continued to Guatuso where we had lunch. Real nice meal witch we all enjoyed a lot. The Guatuso area inhabits a lot of indians.

From Guatuso we went to Fortuna de San Carlos. A city that in the last 7 years has changed incredibly. I am amazed by the changes. I know I have been there before but I did not recognize the city at all.

Fortuna is a city located close to the world famous Arenal volcano. Arenal is one of the 7 most active volcanoes in the world. Just by the few hours we spent in Fortuna and driving around the volcano to come to Lago Arenal (witch is an artificial lake) the volcano has about 5 minor erruptions.

You can hear the rumbling and see the lava running down the hill side at night. In daylight the lava looks more like rocks running down the mountains with huge steam clouds to show them. It is an absolutely marvelous sight. The rivers close around smells of sulfur.
We tried entering a lava trail but some guides that were close adviced us not to enter to far since it was getting dark and all the snakes and animals would get out from hiding to hunt.
We will leave it for another day.

In Fortuna I also got to buy some souvenir pictures that I found. By the time we got away from Arenal it was darkening and it started to rain. When it rains – it poors … etc and it rained until we got to the Guanacaste province again.

When we got to Canas we were all very tired and I was trying to get the bus home to Liberia but I did not have any luck on that one. Around Miramar, Puntarenas, there was a huge car accident that closed ALL traffic in both directions. Celia decided to drive me home witch I will be forever thankful for. :) It was a wonderful day and I fell asleep almost as soon as my head landed on my pillow.

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