Christmas Eve in Costa Rica – Hail to Grandma

partlycloudy.gifSunny and no skies. Very warm. Over 30C today – again.

I woke up with a bad cold and cough. Again.

Actually, I was woken up – real early, by my dad. My dad had really sad news. My grandma had just passed away.
What can be said? What can be done? I am so far away – I wasn’t even able to give him a hug. And his mom had just died.
Thankfully my sister and my step-mom were there to comfort him. The rest of the family were there too, so its not like he was alone, but it was still weird to not be there with them.

Grandma has been in the hospital for some weeks already, I knew prior to leaving Norway that she would not be alive when I got home, but I didnt know she would pass this fast. I had spoken to her – several times prior to leaving the country. We spoke of life and death. We said our goodbyes. It was sad, but I know I have done what I could to keep in touch with her over the past 10 years. I have called her several times a week. I still miss her and I wish I wasnt so far away from my family today!

I spent most of the morning in bed due to this, but I managed to take a small trip downtown to update my blog and meet a couple of my friends. We sat to have a few papaya drinks and a sandwich at “Las Tinajas” (very popular cafe – restaurant by the central park).

However, back to the reality I was in, it was Christmas Eve and we had a celebration to take care of. My Tico family were preparing for a big family dinner. I had invited my friend Angelica, she was elsewise going to spend the day alone and I could not have that.

We had a family dinner with in-laws and uncles and aunts and some friends at 8pm. Delicious food. Lomo and Pork leg with a lot of wonderful belongings.
Good drinking and a lot of fun. Roxanas housband, Jorge, practiced his english with his sisters husband.

The problem was that he did not know any english. The gringo looked at me with HELP in his eyes and everyone laughed at Jorge. hehe. Poor thing. But it was so much fun.

Read more about Costa Rican Christmas traditions.

Its difficult to think of the sad situation back in Norway when its sunny and hot, people around me are all happy celebrating the holiday with all the ones they love.

I miss my grandma!

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