Playa Cabuyal – Angelicas birthday

partlycloudy.gif+30, sunny and warm. Little wind.

This morning I woke up and did my laundry, slept a little, watched a movie and waited for Federico and Yehudy to wake up and get finished to get going to the beach. They lasted and lasted but finally we set off. We picked up Veronica, a friend of Federico, and Johan and his daughter Madeline (7) and set off.

cabuyal.JPGWe picked up beer and soft drinks, cookies and ICE and cups. Its really necessary to have ice for the drinks or the beverage reaches boiling point soon hehe. The road to get there was really really bumpy. I must admit I am not a great fan of driving and drinking but I do use my seatbelt.

Arriving at the beach Madeline and I spent most of the time we were there in the water. The water must be at least +25/+28C. Great day for swimming. We tried to jump the waves and teach M to swim properly and to float. At least she managed to float by herself by the end of the day. We walked along the beach and had a couple of drinks before watching the gorgeous sunset. Along with the sunset we were attacked by the mosquitos and decided to retreat.

angelicaCumple.JPGWhen getting home I had to rush to get my shower and dress for party. Its Angelicas 28th birthday today and she had invited me to her birthdayparty at 7pm. Obviously i did not manage to be there at 7 since we got home at 7 but I was there before 7:30pm witch I am impressed by. :)
They served a gorgeous pork leg dinner and chocolate birthday cake and we had a nice party with Angelicas mom and boyfriend, Alberto, and one more of her best friends, Libia. It was really nice to be able to participate especially since 13 years ago when I was living here I was also invited to her birhtday but could not participate.

Thanks and happy birthday Angelica !.


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