Lazy day in Liberia

partlycloudy.gifSunny, +30C. Windy. Hehehe. One can say many things about the weather in Norway. But stable it is not. Here in contrary.. It seems very stable and ME LIKE.

Today all my day was spendt just by hanging around downtown Liberia. I started the morning by the daily routines like having breakfast, washing clothes and stuff like that. Then I took off downtown and did some shopping before I found a tattoo store and decided to get my seahorse (on the ankle) some color. So, now guys, my seahorse is orange/brown and surrounded by some bubbles. About same size as ever. The bad thing is that I now have a 1 week curfue to go swimming at the beach or in a pool. Just safety precautions so it wont get infected.

For lunch I headed for Las Tinajas and had a “Casado” with chicken. A casado is a typical lunsch with rice, beans, meat, chease and maduro (fried cooking banana) with natural juice made of Papaya to accessorize. Alexis, one of my friends here stopped by and kept me company until he had to go to work. After that I wrote about 20 postcards. I still need a couple of adresses but they will get sent soon. Then headed home for dinner and went out with Manuel, Kerry (his girlfriend) and Enrique for the night.


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