Daytrip to Santa Cruz

partlycloudy.gifAnother wonderful day :) +30C Sunny and wind.

Today at 1:30pm I got picked up by Dona Xinnia and German and we drove off to Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz has been nominated to the most folkloric city in Costa Rica. We went there for a Prayer seremony honoring Santo Cristo de Esquipulas. This is one of the saints that is worshiped largely amongst indigenous Indians, some coming from far afield, eagerly await the moment where they may share a second or two face to face with the Black Christ. Reasons behind the colour of the statue are multiple. No one accredits the fact that it may be the balsam wood which the statue is made of. Nonetheless, there is no end to how many followers the figure has won over the years.

Santa Cruz is located about an hour from Liberia in the Nicoya peninsula. We walked around to get to know the place before going to the “Rezo” (the prayer seremony) at 6pm. They had Marimbas (typical music instrument), Clowns chasing the people and food that they shared amongst all the ones that had showed up to pay respect to the saint. We were served a typical indian drink “chichime” made of fermented corn. It tasted “not too bad” Incredible enough but I was not too impressed. It was way to sweet, but after the tradition the indians used this drink to get drunk whenever they had a party before the licor came.

Dona Xinnia, German, Laureano and Julio drove me home when it was over and I have had an amazing day ! Thanks again.

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