Sleepover @ the beach

partlycloudy.gif+30C and sunny with rare precense of skies. Windy but great.

Yesterday I headed downtown about 9 am. My brother and his girlfriend were preparing the car for a day at the beach. I told them that due to my tattoo I would not go with them since i still have to stay out of the water and sun for another 7 days (well at least for another 4). I went to the internet cafe and updated my page, did some chatting and headed for the travel agency. Stayed there a few minutes since they could not give me the information I wanted before jan 2 and headed for the bank. After the bank I went to get my nails done and during the session my mom called to say my brother were looking for me since they were going to stay over at the beach and that I had to go with him, Yehudy and Diana.

So. Well. Off we went. Hehe. I am so hard to ask about going to the beach.
It was a long bumpy, dusty and windy trip (It gets that way from driving with an open car) but finally we got to Playa Potrero where Federico has his apartment at “Villagio flor di Pacifico” and got installed there.
We had picked up food and beverages on the way here and headed straight for the swimming pool until dark hit us. Then we went to get some dinner. Playa Potrero is a small fishing village with a lot of nice hotels and condos.

Federico, Yehudy and Diana went to Tamarindo to party that night but Ive still got a cold and stayed home.

In the morning of course I woke up way earlier than the others since I also went to bed way earlier than them. I went hiking at the beach (Playa Potrero and Playa la Penca) for a couple of hours before going back to the apartment. Diana had just gotten out of bed and we went to the swimming pool together to work on our tan. Around mid day we picked up Federico and Yehudy and went to a beach restaurant to have breakfast. After the resturant visit we went back to the pool and we all jumped in the jacuzzi and during the afternoon we managed to make 6 new friends from Heredia (another province in Costa Rica). We had a small party in the jacuzzi until the italians found out they wanted in as well and security told us we should not drink in the pool. It had been a nice party but it was time to go back to Liberia. It is Roxanas housband, Jorges, birthday today so we rushed from one party to another and met up with the family there. Even some of our cousins from San Jose, Jessica and Paola, had shown up.
It was a nice party with barbeque, Karaoke and Pinatas.

Nighty nighty :)


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