Another great day in the sunshine

sunny.gifNo clouds today. But heaps of wind. Wonderful. It makes the +32 feel a little colder. Hehe. Not much though.

Started off the day washing clothes before heading out to run some arrands. I have bought some clothing so i can get some hand made new pants and shorts.

I met up with Manuel at 11am and we went to Tinajas to chat and have some refreshments.
At noon Gustavo joined in and we had a real fun afternoon. We decided to go to the beach at night, but we finally ended up staying in Liberia.

I went out with Manuel, his girlfriend and Enrique, “el mudo”, that is actually Jorges (roxanas housband) brother/cousin (not that I know what that will be exactly) so he is family. hehe. Family here is very complicated. I have no idea how many brothers and sisters nor mami nor papi has. that is bad. I should get that information on a paper so I will remember for later. And everybody is somebodys cousin. Nice though. We went to a bar called el Chaparro and later to hang outside Kuru, the disco. hehe.


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