Thoughts of home

Hey friends.

Today is the last day of 2006 and It has been a strange year. It has been filled with work and work and work, but also travels.

I have been able to go to Gran Canaria (islas canarias), London (England), Kiel (Germany) and my big trip to Costa Rica that has been like GOD-sent.

I have managed to meet many friends this year that I have not seen for very many years like on my way to CR I met Alexis in New York, Mariann in London and if I calculate since last october I got to meet Dionne (my Canadian sister), Meghan (One of my good friends from my Costa Rica stay in 1993) and Jennifer (another of my friends from Costa Rica stay in 1993).

It has been a somewhat hard year. I have been tired and exhausted due to amounts of work during the start of the work and It has been a year where I have found out who are my real friends and who are not.
It has been filled with joy and sad feelings and decisions.

I needed to change a huge part of my life and I decided to change my job and move on to other opportunities. To all my friends at Astrup Fearnleys: Thanks for all the good memories:) It has been a pleasure working with and for you.

2006 was a very interesting year and I am really looking foreward to 2007 and for what it has in mind for me. I am very exited about getting a new job and starting a new path in life.

As for this christmas it has been a very strange holiday vacation considering I am very far away and we have had a lot of family stuff going on at home.

One of my aunts is getting a divorce and my grandmother got very sick before I left Norway to come to Costa Rica. Then she became worse and worse and they all gathered together and my father got sick so he could not stay with her.
My baby sister Linda spent some time at the hospital being sick and then my aunt got sick as well.
Grandma Johanne died on christmas eve. My grandmother was a very dedicated woman, to religion and to her family and It feels kind of like the destiny that she died on christmas eve. She will be missed.

Luckily my moms family has had no big problems. I think they have been all good :)

As for myself, I got sick 2 weeks before travelling and I have pretty much stayed more or less reduced since then. Coughing and if its not sinusitis or bronquitis, then it is an eye infection or throath infection. At least they know I am not faking. hehe.. Like the saying. When you are sick during the hollidays you are really sick. hehe. I just hope I get well soon.

Anther thing here is that since everyone is always so wonderfully nice and happy and the sun and temperature is around 30 and happy music is playing from every corner it is very easy to forget that a distant place called Norway exists. It is easy to be a part of the flow. A flow I just love and being relaxed and enjoing life like I do here is rare I do there.

I am having a great time friends ! I am enjoing life and hoping to get tickets to the Ricky Martin concert in febuary.

Apart from that.
To all my family, friends and dear ones:

I wish you a very very good and happy new year in 2007 and I send you all my best regards and hugs and kisses !! I love you all !


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