Mariachis on the bus…

partlycloudy.gifAnother beautiful warm day in Liberia. Feels strange to leave my precious city. But its only for 2 weeks anyway.

I have been running around all morning to get all I needed done. Ive gotten my ticket to go home. My new return date is now Febuary 28. Pretty late, but thats how it is. I had to change the ticket so that I can stay longer in this paradise on earth.

I got my ticket to go to San Jose. I am going to stay at my cousin Franciscos house until tomorrow. It is my great trip to Panama !! WOW: I am looking fwd for that.

Mami, Papi and I had lunch at Jorges (Roxanas housband) cafe. Easy and cheap. Then I went home to do the last packing and headed for Pulmitan (the San Jose bus station).

Finally inside the bus it seamed to be a lot of free spaces so on our way they let 20 new passengers fill the bus. What we found out reaching Bagaces was that the people that the bus company though had ditched them to stay another couple of days at the beach now were waiting in Bagaces and wanted the seats that the 20 new passengers now had. hehe. Full bus. Some jumped off in Canas and some went all the way to San Jose standing. It is a bus trip that normally takes 4 hours, but since today was our lucky day – a trailer had lost half of its sement cargo entering Esparza (right after Puntarenas) and that part of the trip took over 3 hours. (normal 2).

But at least.. People are very friendly in Costa Rica and I made many new friends like the Nicaraguan man that is 52 years old and has 16 living kids and 9 dead/deadborn. Imagine that!!!
A really fun experience was when the Mariachi band entered the bus and started playing guitar and singing. All the people joined in on the songs and it was amazingly fun. hehe.

When arriving San Jose Francisco picked me up and we drove home to his place to have dinner and say hello to the “kids”. The kids are 4 dogs. San Jose compared to Liberia were cold. 20 degrees at night but with thicker blankets one sleeps really good.


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