On my way to Panama

partlycloudy.gifWow. Panama City is hotter than Liberia. +33C and humid. Sunny with some clouds. I love this though !

I woke up this morning in the middle of a strange dream. I dreamed that the Arenal volcano exploded. It is shaped as a perfect cone but in my dream the whole volcano just exploded.
Not rivers but lakes of lava where streaming from the area and I was just sitting on a hill nearby, not affected by the heat or the risk, watching the lava stream, the people getting hurt and the fires. Of course nothing happened to me. I was on a safe distance TV documenting the event. Drawings, photographs and filming. Weird how dreams work – Hehehe

In the morning I made some calls to Norway wishing some friends, my sister and father a great new year pluss telling a little about my plans for the day. I also called Yessenia to get her adress since one needs to tell where to stay to enter the country.
Francisco drove me to the airport and to leave Costa Rica you have to pay a 26$ tax to even be able to check in. hehe.
Nice way to run business.
Inside I did some shopping before entering the plane. It was a nice, but short flight to Panama.

Only one hour before landing at Tocumen Intl. airport in Panama where Yessenia and Erick met me and took me home to hers. We travelled by the local bus, popularly called “Diablo rojo” – Red Devils. First of all because of their color, but also because of the way the chofeurs drive. Fast and furious, with open doors and window. They have full volume on the music so the bus drive reminds you about a disco.

We left the suitcases at Yessenias house, changed clothes and headed for Albrook Mall downtown Panama city in another Diablo Rojo. Albrook Mall is one of central americas biggest shopping centers. It is very americanized and I was impressed to find both Dunkins Donuts and Cinnabon there. Mac Donalds, Pizza Hut and Burger King are trades that has been in the area for a long time. We walked around for hours and had a lot of fun. It was a great day with lots of laughs.
When arriving home i got to meet Yessenias mother, Norma “Concha”, as well. We all watched some TV before going to bed.

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