Interview, Swimming pool and night life

partlycloudy.gifPartly cloudy today means; we had some really nice weather but also 2 huge waterfalls during the day. It was however +30C as all the other days and sunny most of the day.

When I got up this morning Concha made me breakfast that I had with her and Yessenias grand mother Josefa (La chefa). Nice omelet and bread.

Yessenia had to go to work today at 7 but she had arranged for one of her cousins to pick me up to find an internet cafe with me and accompany me.

Aurora got to our house at 9 am and we headed off. She called to a friend of hers and asked if we could go there to use the internet. The friend of hers is the godmother of her child, sweet Allison, 6 months, Yendri is married to Dick from Holland and they live nearby Yessi. Therefore the family has all the necessary equipment to make phonecalls over IP.
When arriving Allison and Aksel (Yendri and Dicks son, 8 months) was playing. The cutest kids. They let me borrow the computer and apart from updating my page and writing e-mails I finally got to get my phone call for an interview about a job back home in Norway. At 1 I finished and we went to the swimming pool with some other friends of Aurora and Yendri.

It was a nice day and very hot. And of course – It had to rain when we got to the swimming pool. Finally outside and it rains. We stayed at the swimming pool for a couple of hours before going to Mac Donalds where we stopped to have a bite before going home. Aurora took me home in a cab where Concha was making dinner.

causeway.JPGYessenia got home just about 3 minutes after myself. We had dinner and we relaxed an hour before we went out with a couple of Yessenias friends, Ana Cecilia and Faustino. They took us touring the old Panama city where they showed me the presidential palace, the canal museum and the Causeway.

The causeway is a name descending from the english word coastway. It is actually a road to 3 islands. We stopped to have some beer and bocas.

I had too much fun to want to leave and decided not to go to Chitre the next day since I had hardly seen anything downtown and stay for one more day. Faustino and Ana Cecilia left us at home sound and safe.


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