The long long walk of Panama city

partlycloudy.gifThe weather in Pma City is HUMID. very humid. Today is a very nice day with +33C and sun.

This morning I woke up dreaming about bats. In Costa Rica (and probably here in Panama as well) they sell chickens from huge boxes in pet stores).
My dream was a bit adapted and a lot more fun. I was in one of those pet stores and miraculously enough I found a box containing small bat babies. Small hairy bats in all the coulours of the rainbows. There were pink, red, green and blue bats. White, brown and black bats and yellow, orange and beige bats. hehe.. And they all had cute eyes. I bought a green one for myself.

Today I went with Yessenia to her office to meet up with Erick again. Erick is her ex-bf that came with her to meet me at the airport. He had been assigned to be my private Panama city tour guide today.
He took me to the Cause-way (from the english word Coast way) in bus where we walked in to the city.

The walk is long. Around 8km in to downtown. We started walking around 10:30 and stopped to take pictures along the way. We had brought our own water and drank it while walking. Walking fast in +33C is pretty nice, but you sweat out what you drink and more so we both refilled our water reserves by the first chance we got. Whilst walking towards downtown we met Felix. A swiss dude travelling by himself. He was searching for a indian village (museum) and we took him there.

He also wanted to go to the Panama canal and we took him there as well.
We travelled with the Red Devils (the Diablos rojos – local buses). It was way too far to walk there and we were already quite tired. It was good to sit down on the bus.
Arriving there we had the greatest of luck as 2 great ships were Already in the lock chambers on their way through the sluses. We watched them lover and sail off into the pacific, before we had to ditch Felix there.

Actually he wanted to stay to see the museum and Erick had to go to work. On our way back to the city It rained a bit and both Erick and I had walked enough for some days. We almost fell asleep on the bus… I think that by then we had walked at least 5 hours in the sun.

Our great tour finished at 4 when Erick got an hour late to work. Since he and Yessenia works in the same building he let me stay downstairs and went to get Yessenia that had waited for us an hour already. Yessenia and I did some downtown picture session before going to the multiplaza mall where we had dinner at Pizza Hut and Cinnabon.
I tried finding clothes I could by (clothes are cheap in Panama), but the clothes I like were to small and the one that fitted did not fit my taste.
Well at home that evening I fell asleep pretty soon and very tired.


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