Panama City – Chitre

partlycloudy.gifWe woke up to sun and wonderful +30C degrees. It sounds boring but its not boring at all. It is rather wonderful :) Sun shining from the blue sky. Mild winds.

When I woke up around 8am Yessenia had still not gotten out of bed and Yessis Mom made me breakfast. Concha is a really, really nice woman and she and Yessenia has really taken good care of me. They have been so kind and tried their hardest to make me feel welcome in their house. Yessenia got up of the smell of breakfast and while I did my last packing to prepare for my next small trip. Yessenia followed me to the bus terminal and we had a small shopping session at Albrook Mall before we went to the bus station to find the buses to Chitre. I brought some Cinnabon lunch. hehe. Man, I am SOOOO glad we dont have them in Norway. Mostly because I probably would have eaten them all by myself. hehe.

I got a window seat on the bust to Chitre. The trip costs 7,50 $ for a 4 hour trip. Thats like Nothing !!! I had some company in the man next to me. He was, like a good latino, eager to speak and learn more about other cultures. It is so nice to speak with strangers here, but you have to know your own culture well because everyone wants to learn as much as possible.

chitre.JPGThat also gives you the impression that people here are very interested in you and welcoming you. Their interest seems genuine and no-one seems very shy here. Aida (Lenny) and her boyfriend, Ismael, picked me up at the bus station in Chitre and we went home to her house to have some dinner.

We had a lovely dinner and then we chatted for hours picking up on all that lost time. Aidas grandmother and 2 uncles came visiting as well. While sitting in the front yard of the house all the people passing by said hello and we had a fun encounter with a bike that was rebuilt into a discoteque. It was almost like a discomobil but funny enough. a bicymobil. hehe..

Ismael was not feeling well and Edilma (Lennys mom) and Lenny took me for a drive around Chitre at night. Chitre is the capitol city of the Herrera province. Chitre has 5 principle areas: Llano Bonito (where Aida lives), La arena, Monagrillo, San Juan Bautista and Chitre downtown.
Chitre and Herrera is located in the Azuero peninsula in Panama.
I got my own room and the bed was really comforting. Soft mattrass -me like.
Looking fwd to a good nights sleep.

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