Pedregozo, Pese – Baking bread the traditional way

sunny.gif+32C and sun from a skyless heaven. Wonderful blue. Warm and a mild breeze.

I woke up at 7am and Edilma made us breakfast. We had a plan on going to the beach today, but first we were off to Edilmas mother-in-law (Inez) to see how they make bread the traditional way for the region in an old brick owen.
Edilma and Lenny (Aida) showed me around in Chitre city before taking off to Pedregozo, Pese. Pese is the city and Pedregozo the area where the in-laws live. It is also the area of where they produce the Seco Herrerano, that is the most popular Panamenian produced licor.

We picked up flour, sugar and other ingredients for the bread baking before taking off and when we arrived we were ready to start off.

Of course. We had to prepare the owen by cleaning it, finding woods to burn and making the mass.

Dona Inez (Edilmas mother-in-law) and Militza (sister-in-law) did most of the preparing while Edilma showed me and Lenny around the patio (patio = the backyard, garden) to see all the fruit trees and animals. They have a lot of hens, chickens and dogs there.

We also took a small step over to the neighbour, Another of Edilmas sisters-in-laws, Yuri, she was plucking a hen for making soup when we were there and they had a lot of different fruit trees with varieties of oranges and lemons. We had japanese oranges, cookies and fresh fruit juice, called Chicha in Panama. (funny: because Chicha in Costa Rica is when you are angry :) ).
We walked back to Dona Inezes house where they had started making the dough and putting a fire to the owen. We made normal bread (Pan), sweet bread (pan de dulce) and queque (In Panama queque is a small cookie made of sugar cane syrup, coconut and flour and some other ingredients – you cook them so they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Good they taste). The Pan de dulce was the best treat of the day :)

We left Pedregozo around 3:30pm and went to pick up Ismael to go to the beach to have a small look at the nearby beaches. Ismael (Lennys boyfriend) was sick and not able to go anywhere. We took a small trip to the nearby hospital here and waited for him to be attended. He had an Infection that was not good at all and recieved antibiotics to get better.
On our way home from the hospital we stopped at Elmers burger to have hamburgers and they tasted really good.
At home I got to do some laundry washing and finally going to bed after a long but very interesting day.


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