La playita Resort – Day to meet celebrities

sunny.gifSunny, warm wind and +30C.  Perfect day for the beach.  Beautful day :D

playita.jpgWe all woke up around 6:30 and prepared to go to the beach. We had planned to do a stayover from yesterday but this was better.
On our way we picked up Yimmy, Lenny and Ismaels best friend, and some ICE and beer and soft drinks.

The drive to Playita Resort went to the next province, Los Santos, through the cities of Las Tablas and Pedasi to the coast line. We stopped at Playa Venao that is a surf beach before continuing to La Playita. Playita Resort is a resort at the beach that has cabins and food and protects the beach. They have a lot of animals at the resort; like tons of different birds, monkeys, dogs and cats.

The beach was all white sand and lagoon shaped protected by two small islands. That makes the water all quiet and nice. My companions stayed in the shadow, like any good latino, while I spent the day snorkeling. I saw huge amounts of fish in the water, all from white/black, yellow/black, yellow/red/black, electric blue to clear fishes. I even managed to see 2 of those fishes that can blow themselves up to a ball with spines. I also saw a fish that had a face shaped like a dogs face with lots of white dots on it and a sea snake.
It was such a marvelous day.

After the beach we went back towards Chitre, stopped at a sweet store in Pedasi. And by pure luck we got to get a glimpse of the 2nd female president in the world, Mireya Muscoso.
She entered the store as we got out of it. All my friends were impressed.

We made one more stop at San Jose. A small city that is famous for making the Panamenian Pollera, the national costume of Panama. We were taken to some friends of the family where they showed us pictures and polleras in production. The polleras are all handmade. The design varies from every one of them and they are beautiful.

Ulpiano.jpgWhen we got back to the house where the family friends were, we got to meet another famous  Panamamenian personality: Ulpiano Vergara.

He is one of the most famous singers in Panama within the traditional music genre Panama. He was a really nice man and his daughter had been the “pollera-queen” last year.
Mr Ulpiano was a sporty man and joined in for photographs.

Before going home we stopped at Elders burger and had some food. Too tired to make dinner. I think I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. It was a wonderful day !!


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