My encounter with Panamenian postal services

sunny.gif+30C Sunny and smooth wind. Chitre is a nice city with warm dry weather every day.
It hardly rains here and this is the region with less rain in the whole country of Panama.

I spent the morning reading and then Lennys friend Yimmy picked me up around noon to take me around the city while Lenny and Ismael are working.
They have been so wonderfully nice to me, taking me everywhere and making sure I havent had time to be bored for even a second.

Yimmy took me to the post office where I learned that stupidity does not prohitit someone employing you in Panama.

I was trying to send my nativity set that I bought 2 days ago in the mail so that I wouldnt have to drag it all over central america. The box weighs 20 KGS so its not exactly easy to carry.

First the lady argued heavily with me because they could only send packages up to 2000Kgs.
Then she argued because kgs was not the short term she knew on kilograms and then she denied sending my 20 kgs package because her weight could only weigh packages up to 2 kgs.

Hence despite the weight being printed on the box, she could not weigh the package to see that my package actually weighed 20 kgs or more or less.

The funniest part of this stupidity was that she actually insisted on me buying another box so I could split the package into 2 boxes and send it in 2 different packages… NOT that I ever heard of 20 kgs divided in 2 makes 4kgs.

We left and took the box with us. At least I know that in San Jose,CR, there will be no problem sending the box home.

We also went to the Kodak store, the internet and toured chitre a bit. Then went off to Lenny and Ismaels “taller” (bilverksted in norsk) where we waited for them to get off work.
There are lots of traditional pottery shops in that area and I bought with me some souvenirs.
In the night we did some shopping and went early to bed.


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