Sarigua – the Chitre desert

sunny.gifSunny, warm wind and +30C.

I spent the morning downtown and running arrands. In the afternoon Edilma, Ismael and Lenny took me to Sarigua National park. It is partly a desert and partly mangrove rain forest. Sarigua is the only desert in Panama.

CIMG4285.JPGIt was really cool to go there. I have never been to a desert before. It was dry with cracks in the earth and the wind was howling around us.

It was really fun to walk on it because the cracks were hard as rocks, but where there was sand the earth was so smooth that you easily sunk 10 cm down.

There was a lot of cotton growing in the area and bushes. The told me the desert every year grows in aera. In the distance we could see the mangrove forest. We did not enter that one though. We watched the sun set before leaving.

The strange thing is that in the middle of the desert (OK, it is SMALL. You can see from the start till the end and maybe walk the distance within 1 hour) there was a shrimp farm. They import water from a nearby beach with the tide. And even stranger, when leaving the national park the guard comes up to us asking if the pictures are for public use. Because it is prohibited to take pictures of the desert. Something dodgy is going on in the desert that they do not want to show the public.

On our way back to the house we went over to the next province, Los Santos, to a restaurant called “El Ciruelo”. They serve typical panamenian food and gooooood as well. It was really good. I had some rice and chicken with a special corn cake that they fry. I also had a tiny piece of pork steak just to try it. Delicious.

When we got home to the house Lenny and I watched the old photos from when she lived in Arendal in 94/95. It was a lot of fun to see the pictures and we remembered a lot of long forgotten stuff. hehe.

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