Travelling from Chitre to David

sunny.gifSunny, warm wind and +30C.
I have heard some comments from people that are not that happy about my weather reports hehe… Just for the information. Ill try to behave. Hehe.

Lenny and I went all around the area where they sell traditional pottery and some of the souvenirs this morning. We also were in search for clothes and I found a shorts that only costed me 5 dolars new !. Imagine that. Clothes are cheap in this country. They also say perfume is, but I cant really see that they are THAT cheap.

lennymarianne.JPGAfter having had a session at a nearby internet cafe I finished my packing and waited for Lenny to pick me up. Ismael came an hour later. He was running errands and forgot a little about the time.

He took me around to say goodbye to all the people I have gotten to know and then we went to the Taller where Lenny waited. Well, not directly. Ismael and his friends stopped to salute a lot of friends, but we finally got to the taller.

Then they took off to get some food and brought the lunch. We were already running late for the bus, but they lasted and lasted. Lennys Dad came at 2, but since Ismael was out with the car we were not able to leave before 14:30. Then Lenny and Maximo took me to Davisa where I just missed the bus to David and waited 3 hours before I got to move. That meant 3 more hours with Lenny and that was good. :)

Thank you Lenny, Ismael, Edilma, Maximo, Yimmy and all other citizens of Chitre that has been so nice to me. You have all made my stay a wonderful experience !!! Thank you.

Well. On my way I actually had to make a stop in Santiago. The bus I got just got to Santiago but at least this is where all the David buses from Panama city stops and I got to go with the first bus that was there. In Panama – unlike Costa Rica – they normally do not fill up the buses with more people than what there are seats for. That means no standing passangers. But we had 3 passengers that were seated on plastic barrels in the walk way. hehe.

Aircondition might be a good thing IF you have a possibility to preset the temperature to a temperature you decide to. WHEN you cant do that… and the bus is freezing cold – Aircondition is NOT fun. I froze so I had goose bums and breathed into the t-shirt to keep warm. I even thought of different ways to use my cap to heat my elbow or knee, but decided to put it on the head where it belongs. Also from living in a winter country I learned that you loose 60% heat from the head. Ergo cover head and the rest wont be as bad.

I got in to David around 9pm and sat down to wait for Jeniffer. I called to tell I was here several times, but got the answare machine. Finally at 9:40pm I got a hold of her and she came to pick me up. Her mom and brother was home so I got to meet them. I also got to meet the 2 dogs. Luna and Terry. Terry is a german shepherd and Luna is a poudel. Luna has nice red ribbons on her ears and a red collar. But coolest of all. Red toe-nails !
We watched TV and chatted for a while before calling the day to an end :)

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