Las Lajas Beach

partlycloudy.gifIn David it was cloudy, but we escaped that and went to the coast where it was +28C and sunny indeed. Mild breeze.

Las Lajas beach.
We woke up late today and had pancakes for breakfast. Christian, Jorge jr and Jeniffers cousin came over to spend time with them.
We also spent the morning watching TV until Jeniffers dad got home and took off for the beach.

Las Lajas beach is located near to the small Las Lajas village, which is one of the oldest villages in Panama.

We stopped a couple of times to fill gasoline on the car (since Panama import gasoline they are dependent on the oil prices.

They buy gasoline and transport it to the petrol stations BUT if the prices are too high the owners don’t buy much because they dont want to loose money on it in case the price can sink any day soon – therefore – many petrol stations actually runs empty on gas until the prices are lower again), buy lunch and beverage and at a restaurant we even got to meet a monkey. He seemed to be intelligent as he in the instant he saw us grabbed a stone and started kicking a door with it.

At first Jen and I thought we had scared the little fellow but he actually warned the owner so that he could come out and attend us !!! Impressive – huh.

Las Lajas beach is a well visited beach and when we got there we found a huge amount of Jorge seniors (Jeniffers dad) brothers and sisters and sat down with them. Christian came with us to the beach but Jorge jr. decided to stay home.
After having completed the presentation-round and the initial chat we changed into our bikinis and went to continue the presentation round in the water where some of the adults were with all the kids.

We played in the water, dove into the waves, walked along the beach and chatted and laughed for hours – until lunchtime.
For lunch there was chicken, rice and BEANS (Happy me :) – being in Panama where they dont eat as much beans as in Costa Rica – I have really missed my beans).

After lunch we brought our cameras to take pictures, walk along the beach – even more… Continued swimming until the lifeguards got off duty at 5pm.
Then they threw everyone out off the water scaring us with fines. We waited half an hour and then got in the wather again to swim even more.

But sun started setting and when I saw this small shark (2 feet) in one of the waves just 10 meters away from us, we decided to actually get out of the water. Sunset is feeding time. None of us wanted to be the food. Ok – It was a tiny shark but they still have sharp teeths (or popularly called razor blades).

Jeniffer and Christian did not see the shark, but we stayed a little while in shallower water to see if we could see him again.
We had to leave dissapointed to get our cameras since the sunset was gorgeous and we wanted to take pictures of that intstead.

We changed clothes and headed home as all the others had left while we were playing in the water. In the car home we almost fell asleep. Arriving home we did some laundry and I stayed up for a couple of hours updating my webpages.


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